macroSPIM– our cleared tissue digital scanned light sheet microscope. The first inertia-free, adaptive, and autofocusing light-sheet. Detailed in our Nature Communications paper. TP is currently undergoing a major upgrade with new cameras, DAQs, and on-line fusion for uniform resolution and image quality. We hope to have the Github and preprint public soon!

fastDMDSIM – our three color 2-beam DMD-based SIM with a Bioptech FCS2 chamber and objective heater for live-cell super-resolution imaging. A new Github and preprint are coming soon on this updated fast SIM setup!

OPM – our oblique plane microscope using a bespoke solid immersion objective. This instrument also has our fluidics system for MERFISH. This system has a larger scan area than the stage scanning Lattice Light Sheet, with a better lateral resolution and near or equivalent lateral resolution.